Womb emotional Clearing sessions

These emotional clearing sessions are sessions to activate individuals to embody their feminine truth as they shed layers of baggage and shame from conditioning that suppresses their feminine expression. These sessions give you an opportunity to deeply connect with your womb as your intuitive compass.

These emotional clearing sessions are done through embodiment/movement, music, and ritual as a way to dive into your own subconscious waters with me right by your side. In a world that feel can harsh and hectic, these sessions are completely dedicated to reconnecting with the wisdom of your softness, intuition, and feminine expression. These sessions are intended to fully hold space for the shadows that safely need addressing to transmute any self-judgment back into love.

These intimate sessions are aimed to help you clear fears around: 

-confidently owning your right to express your menstrual power without fear of judgment from others


-speaking your truth even if it goes against the beliefs of those around you

-have a loving, joyful, divine relationship with your womb based on cultivating bliss and ecstacy instead of shame and pain


-clearing energy chords with past relationships

-confidently expressing your sensuality, creativity and sexuality in your projects, work and relationships

-emotionally clearing generational stories of dogma, shame, guilt and confusion around your sensuality and menstrual cycle and instead live in your own womb truth


2 hour bespoke ceremonies £144

One hour consultation session £75 or 90 minute consultation £100

4 week 1:1 coaching package £300

These sessions take place at The Cloudgate studio in The Woods Studios, Unit 15-24 Botanic Square, London City Island, London, E14 OLH

or alternatively online via Zoom


"I went to see Inka Linda to find clarity around two areas of my life. I felt stuck unable to move forward. While in the session I felt safe and held while shining a light on different parts within myself needing my attention. The session was powerful and I was quickly shown where change needed to happen. I feel more rooted, aligned and focused on my direction in life. This practice involves ancient knowledge mixed with Inka's intuitive and professional abilities. I highly recommend trying out a session to help you transform and moving past any blockages you may be experiencing. I have done deep healing work for the past 10 years and this session was really potent!" -Maria, masseuse 

My experience during my ceremony was mind-blowing. I have been holding this darkness of guilt for years in my womb since I had an abortion.  I now feel free of the darkness. I could actually feel the energy leaving my body. Inka is absolutely amazing and I I now understand how powerful my womb is. Don't overthink booking a session it and just do it as its a great investment.​" -Rouchelle