These videos are simply womb transmissions from my soul about my own journey and the insight I've gathered learning and unlearning my conditioning around my womb and blood, especially as we enter The New Earth. What I share are simply tranmissions and by no means are authorative but simply my own truth. I ask questions as invitations for us to play with new  poetic possibilities of how we can show up in the world.   I hope they serve you in your own journey and I'd love to hear your what you've also been discovering on your path of connecting to your womb.

This is a FB live I did to reframe how loving our blood -as an act of self-love- actually is a form of primal self-respect. I ask how can we look at our relationship with our blood with the same harmony that other animals in the animal kingdom do through the eyes of love? How can we suspend our judgments about our body's processes without unnecessarily shaming ourselves? When we look at how much mental effort we put into shaming our natural processes and instead remember our similarity to other menstruating creatures within the animal kingdom, it helps us reframe our sense of choice. We have the choice to subscribe to a different narrative, to choose to align with loving our blood instead of hating it. We have the gift of choosing to align with our blood power instead of fighting it. It helps us put a mirror to the parts of ourselves that are conditioned to withhold love from ourselves as primal creatures, who are just as worthy of love as our spiritual or human selves. I forever love the way children are so connected to their primal nature as playfulness and innocence. When we let go of the heavy stories around our blood and come back to seeing it through the eyes of a child, it feels like so much space. So much lighter. Playful, even. 

How does it feel to sit with the body's primal remembrance that we are animals? How does it feel to send love to this part of ourselves?

Blood love as primal self-love and self-respect

Your blood is divine 

Flaming mother bitch 

Whenever I look around the natural world I am always blown-away by the sheer intricacy of design and detail in every creature, plant, human, ocean and constellation. Every interaction can feel like a humble encounter with the majestic artwork of a Master Artist. Some painter who so clearly takes time to design every  brushstroke of intentionality. Even the flaws or "mistakes" we may perceive are masterpieces in their own right. I remember the days when it NEVER occurred to me that our menstrual cycles were part of this design. When I was numbed out to its magic. Over time with stillness, I could feel my womb nudge me as if to say our bodies, too, are dear masterpieces. Every single stroke. Every single cell. And so, why wouldn't our blood be an expression of a divine masterpiece too? When we take time to slow down and see how lush and intelligent the natural world is, those truths can finally ripple up to our surface. Block out the noise of what other people may say-your blood is divine. 


This transmission was a FB live I did as a request to speak about how we can feel safe in giving ourselves permission to embody our own rage and anger from a loving and unified space within ourselves. The Flaming Mother Bitch archetype is a way to embody to full fury of letting ourselves (and especially our wombs) process the grief and rage at the injustices that we see in the world. Anger that we allow ourselves to feel as an expression of a boundary crossed helps the energy move through; anger that we feel out of separation and demonising other people can sometimes leave us feeling stagnant in effective aligned action moving forward. We can get stuck in the story of anger as opposed to letting it flow as energy in emotion (emotions) into action that feels aligned to our spirits of doing something about it, especially when we feel into the effects others' actions may negatively have on our future young. Feeling the anger fully lets us feel it as a sacred medicine so we can step forward into action from our maternal heart-space and not from a place of division. How does the idea of letting yourself be angry from your heart instead of your mind alone feel? What would it feel like to feel like to let it push through your solar plexus into divine action?