Inka did some work clearing emotions from my chakras. She has the ability to make you feel so at home and safe to express past experiences. She worked through each chakra individually and pinpointed the exact emotions I was hanging on to. As each chakra was cleared I could feel energy leaving me, that no longer had a home in me. I cried a lot and Inka reassured me by making  me feel so safe and at home with my emotions. After the session I felt totally rebirthed, like I had shedded a heavy skin. The experience was like a reset button, and I feel more alive for it. I will certainly be returning to Inka for more energy clearing work. Inka is an incredible energy clearer and I would highly recommend her services to anybody

-Naiomi, Pilates Instructor 

Since connecting with Inka, I knew immediately that she'd be the one I'd go through The Spiral process with. Inka's essence is grounding, wise, and based in theory, whilst expressing the sacred feminine and wild earth goddess who truly embodies her medicine.  I've been able to release so much that was holding me back energetically since working with Inka, in particular in my root and throat chakra. I feel as though our time together has been a final piece in the puzzle after years of exploratory work and introspection (many dark nights of the soul) so it truly feels like things are finally dropping into place-- and in total alignment. I feel deeply connected to my soul and have been able to call in more into my physical body as a result of our time together. If you're curious about The Spiral or working with Inka, take the leap. You won't regret it. 

-Francesca Elizabeth, Coach

Having recently opened a gateway to communicate with spirits I wanted to clear all blocks to my mediumship and release any low vibrating block or limiting self beliefs that were preventing me for expanding into my full capacity as both a medium and artist. I have certainly felt a lot lighter and more confident in my abilities. I feel a lot more positive about my own potential, like  am going to stop letting my egoic perception of 'not good enough' get in the way of reaching for some of my more ambitious goals.  I also finally made  the commitment to sobriety. A decision that I have been teetering on the edge of for sometime.  The fact that alcohol was a barrier to my cosmic expansion became glaringly obvious during the healing with Inka.  I feel more competent. Like I am stepping out of my own (my soul's) way. Which is GREAT. Go in with an open mind and be ready to abandon control and let your feelings and words flow. Trust the process and make sure you don't have anything to do for a couple of hours after the healing as I recommend lying down in solitary peace and allowing some of the revelations you will undoubtedly need to integrate. 

-Hannah Deasy, comedian

Since working with Inka I have more awareness about how I was talking to and about myself - it was more negative that I ever realised it was. Inka helped me spin what I was saying around, to keep the essence of what I was attempting to say but to say it in the most positive and effective way and just by doing that I already began to see answers. She's helped give me tools to be able to connect to myself in ways I was unable to before & helped  me realise a lot of the baggage I carry is not really who I am but just energy that has got stuck and was unable to be processed or understood with love and a different perspective. I internalised it and told myself stories that aren't true based on conditioning. It's enabled me to see more clearly about how this was getting in my soul's way with awareness. Inka truly has a gift in interpreting what you are trying to say and how you are feeling and relaying it to you so it makes even more sense than you were able to articulate. She genuinely works from her heart space, you are held in a safe space without judgement and she wants to see you shine. She wants to help you to help yourself peel back all the unnecessary layers that stand in your way of being able to stand in your own greatness.

-Anna, Doula


Since I started my journey with Inka I feel more confident about my goals and my relationship with my inner being. She has given me the tools to understand myself better, to connect with my higher self, to check in with myself and to understand my ego. I feel a sense of empowerment in understanding how to call into being the things that I want to manifest.

One of the things I wanted to manifest was a closer relationship with my intuition so that I could differentiate between my ego and my spirit. Since our last session I have been able to have intimate conversations with my spirit which is beautiful and priceless. If you are curious about working with Inka I would say follow through. She creates a judgement free nurturing environment to help get to the route of your heart’s desires.

-Carolyn, student