Menstrual mentorship

BloodLove is an approach and lifestyle around reconnecting with our menstrual wisdom as a creative gift when we tune into the energy of divine love. It is a form of menstrual mentorship that celebrates how we each can creatively weave the gifts and wisdom menstruation in all that we do, wherever we are, whoever we are with in our own unique way.


BloodLove is the art of living in tune with our cyclical consciousness. It is the art of remembering to reconnect to our womb as our center and our cyclical reality, moment to moment, day by day. 

It is a way of communing with our powerful wombs that deeply acknowledges that the menstrual cycle IS art itself. 

It is not a textbook method of how to clinically connect to our menstrual power alone but a poetic journey of reconnecting to our own intuitive exploration of what our menstruation uniquely means to us as we peel off each layer of our conditioning...gently and lovingly. BloodLove is a lifestyle of remembering our blood is a blessing, not a burden. It is a lifestyle of choosing to integrate and unconditionally love this part of ourselves instead of energizing old narratives that it is dirty and normal to be disconnected from its life force.

With this approach, I help individuals reconnect to the knowledge and wisdom of their menstrual cycles in order to ultimately apply practical tools to live in balance and harmony with our body, mind and souls. Menstrual Mentorship is a powerful and transformational way to design your life around self-care, self-awareness and unapologetically own your feminine power. 

Benefits of Menstrual Mentorship:

  • More defined boundaries of self-respect and self-care

  • Deeper connection to self, spirit, creative callings and intuition

  • Balanced lifestyle of professional work, socializing, and health

  • Create more empowered choices about personal relationships

Come join our budding online village here where you can connect to over 1400 other sisters around the world all sharing their menstrual wisdom and stories. 

One hour consultation session £45 or  90 minute consultation £80

**Packages available upon consultation**


Taylor, Essential Oils Practitioner 

"Through diving deeper into BloodLove...I have become head over heels in awe of my womb and the power, beauty, and possibilities she possesses.. And not only my womb but ALL of our wombs... Of this womb web and the mother womb. Wow. My womb IS my center. And I know that. I know that now more than ever because of this journey. Blood Love brings you into awareness of your womb through your own magic, through constant tending and care for her and just like anything we nurture she opens up and offers abundance. Though I have been studying blood mysteries intermittently for some years, it feels like a seed has only now been activated in me. Like my journey has just begun and I am so excited!"- Zoe, student

"BloodLove completely changed how I view and connect to my cycle. I had so little knowledge about it, although it is one of the most influential aspects of my being. I've grown to love my cycle over the years, but BloodLove has helped me to love my self (all my selves) on such a deep level, further than I've ever journeyed into self love. I am now so excited for each phase of my cycle, and am so in love with my womb. She is apart of my daily life now, and it makes me sad that she wasn't before. But also so relieved to be here now, truly a journey of homecoming. Such ancient truths but revolutionary nonetheless for me." - Manna, environmental activist

"BloodLove has introduced me to creating ritual with my blood which brings me so much joy. Through BloodLove I have been exploring using my blood to connect with my self and spirit on a deeper level. I now see all parts of my cycle as a world of its own which I will continue to explore deeper and deeper each month."-Leila

"I first discovered Inka on Instagram through a friend of a friend and saw one of her womb blood live talks on Instagram. It invoked much thinking on my behalf. I have a young son and I always knew I wanted to be an open parent, for him to be able to ask anything and for me to be able to answer honestly (in an age appropriate way where necessary). It was something I didn't have growing up I guess, it was quite a closed, shameful embarrassing experience whenever the naked human body, menstruation and sex was brought up. I realised that whilst I was open in many situations with my child I realised when it was my menstruation time I found myself being very private, shy and concealed. So as far as my son was aware he was totally unaware of women's menstruation. I was doing him a disservice. I got in touch with Inka knowing she would be able to guide me in the right direction with introducing this topic to my son.  We have not only discussed about womb blood but all sorts of other ways of communicating effectively with my child specifically around certain behaviours I find challenging and difficult to deal with effectively. She has helped give me take a whole new perspective and I can't wait to work with her further."

-Anna, children's book author 

Inka has beautiful energy, is a highly intuitive channel and her transmissions are so powerful. She's a Queen who inspires and empowers women to connect with the potency and magic of their blood and wombs. I'd highly recommend joining sessions with Inka if you want to tap into deep wisdom and your feminine power through connecting with and honouring your blood".

-Philippa, Transformational Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Sound & Energy Healer