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Restless Future started off as an experiment. 

We asked ourselves "What would happen if we simply gave people a space to express themselves in front of an audience...without any expectations of how it "should" look or sound or be like? What would happen if we simply let each other be SEEN in sharing our truth?"
Today Restless Future is growing into an international community of people who celebrate the power of our creativity as a force that unites humanity and the love of self-expression. We run events and open mic nights where people come share whatever is calling out from their soul: whether an unfinished poem, a book or a project that inspires them, a rant about the world, a song, or a dance (even naked). 

Restless Future is a community of people reclaiming and celebrating our creative power. 

In a world where we are taught from childhood to place far too much value on "how good" our creativity is and to unfairly compare ourselves to each other over competition, we have lost sight of the inherent gift of what it means to be human...which is to be able to channel our creativity and expression for the good of humankind. 
Creativity is a universal and uniting gift that we all have been blessed with, regardless of our backgrounds. And the time has come that we honour the inner child in each of us who could never sit still, who was labelled "restless" because we wanted more out of life.
Far too many of us are taught to be afraid to share our creativity out of fear of judgment, yet the future of our planet depends on us opening up and expressing our art and our ideas, if for no other reason than to inspire someone else to share theirs. After all creativity is more than an act: it is a sacred ripple effect.

We are a ultimately a community of activists, artists, builders, healers, warriors, aliens, dreamers, shamans, creators and more from ALL walks of life. We believe in the power of sharing our creativity and inspiration with a deep belly fire and the magical wonder of playfulness. As we share, we expand; and as we expand we build new a the future we deserve from the only foundation that truly matters: Love. 
As co-founder, host and creative community developer of Restless Future, my aim is to build our growing international community and curate events to promote 
creativity as a shared culture of collaboration, compassion and social change amongst people of all backgrounds.