"Welcome to Planet Earth.
Here physicality is a game, a play, and a mystery.
Your body is art in motion, a vessel for infinite realms of communication and ancestral memories.
A conduit for creative electricity. 
Oh and also a spiritual gateway for future generations based on your karmic decisions (no pressure though).
You are born a creator god and you are also born a destroyer. 
On this planet each stone, each tree and each heartbreak are master teachers.
You are your own student and own leader,
born from the stars here to fan the flames of your soul's fire before you evaporate into the ethers.
 But the trick is...
do you have the courage to remember
how powerful you truly are?"

This book will be an interactive compilation of word, art and sound encapsulating reality through my eyes, my voice and my soul. 
It is a compilation of the universal and poignant truths on what it means to be human, exploring sexuality, creativity, politics, children, Mother Nature and more as an ode to this ongoing massive shift in human consciousness. 


- Coming soon -

Life according to an alien™