Our emotions are energy in motion.

In this modern era of disconnect, we are often conditioned to live in our minds and chaotic thinking while neglecting the intuitive wisdom and communication of our bodies, especially our emotions. 

When we suppress our emotions, these energies get trapped within our body and in our field through trauma and conditioning. When we don't give ourselves space to clear them, dense emotions fester from within and leave us feeling overloaded with triggers/emotional baggage.  

When our beings are overloaded with emotional baggage, we then can end up looping in misaligned thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs that ultimately hinder our clarity and disconnect us from our true self.  


The more we habitually suppress our emotions, the more we loop in destructive patterns of self-sabotage, scarcity and fear of our own power.  

This then blocks our life force/chi/energy and blocks us from expressing our highest selves from the inside-out. 

Emotional clearing dissolves emotional baggage that no longer serves us by working with our body/mind connection and detangling the emotional knots stuck inside our system that keep triggering us. When we clear our baggage from within we can connect to our intuition, our callings, our relationships and our bodies from a place of authentic wisdom.

Emotional clearing is a self-healing process that allows layers of conditioning and subconscious patterns to clear from your energy field by muscle testing where emotional patterns and blockages are stuck in your body.

When we clear ourselves of our emotional programming, 

we set ourselves free to show up in the world 
as who we truly are. 

How does it work?

The emotional clearing sessions I offer are based on The Spiral, which is an officially recognized healing modality that works with the chakra system, meridian points on the body and energy fields. The Spiral is deeply transformative and accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. 

The Spiral is a modality that allows us to unravel and release the stories we unconsciously store in our beings about who we are, what we're capable of, and our past childhood memories. 

In our sessions I hold a safe space for you to release trapped emotions that I am able to track that is stored your subconscious programming. You may feel the need to scream, cry, shout, laugh, move your body, yawn, and more as energy that was once trapped now moves through and out of you. I help you clean out the own cobwebs of your own programming so you can come back home to yourself.

To learn more about The Spiral, please refer to the video below. 

These intimate sessions are aimed to help you clear blockages around: 

-confidently owning your right to express your feminine power without fear of judgment from others


-speaking your truth even if it goes against the beliefs of those around you

-have a loving, joyful, divine relationship with your womb based on cultivating bliss and ecstacy instead of shame and pain

-confidently expressing your sensuality, creativity and sexuality in your projects, work and relationships

-emotionally clearing generational stories of dogma, shame, guilt and confusion around your sensuality and menstrual cycle and instead live from your own womb truth

What can emotional clearing sessions  help with? 

What are the different options?

The Full Spiral Journey £1000 (payment plans available)

  • These 1 to 1 emotional clearing sessions span over the course of 2 months (8 weeks) as we excavate deep emotional patterns that affect the flow of your expression causing self-sabotaging behavioural patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Each week we dive into a particular chakra and cleanse emotional patterns caused by emotional baggage. Checking into your energy field and body meridian map, I muscle test what ages emotional patterns have locked themselves in your system since childhood in order to then clear these blockages from the root. This 8 week journey is intensive and highly transformational in completely resetting your relationship with yourself.
    **Each weekly session lasts 1 hour to 1.5 hours***

    • Week 1: Root chakra clearing around shame, dogma & guilt which activates feelings of deservingness​

    • Week 2: Sacral chakra clearing around fear, grief & paralysed which activates creativity

    • Week 3: Solar plexus clearing around pride, anger & desire which activates power

    • Week 4: Heart chakra clearing around reason, acceptance & love which activates openness

    • Week 5: Throat chakra clearing around anxiety, confidence & low self esteem which activates expression

    • Week 6: Third eye chakra clearing around truth, trust & receptivity which activates vision

    • Week 7: Crown chakra clearing around peace, joy, enlightenment & purpose which activates purpose/personal calling

    • Week 8: Manifestation clear to align you energetically with new intention you wish to clearly embody

​​Manifestation Clear £120

  • This 1.5-2 hour manifestation session aligns you emotionally and energetically to what you desire to manifest by removing any blockages to your intention through your seven chakras.

Single Emotional Clearing Session £80/£70 for students

  • These 1 hour sessions help give you more clarity on a particular issue as we unpack underlying themes, tensions and questions to give you clarity in our journey.

If you would like to book the 8-week Spiral journey, please email me directly at info@inkalinda.com