About me


Welcome to my journey and the gifts I feel called to share with others. I grew up in Zambia, Finland, Namibia, the Philippines, Canada, and the UK and I have always been deeply enchanted by the power of connection beyond the naked eye, especially the universal truths that unite us despite our perceived differences that go beyond mind. 

I feel the pull towards the deep feminine which is beyond analysis and explanation but blooms in...surrender. I feel experience this through the third eye of my womb. My connection to Source.

The womb and the reality of how it interconnects us not only physically but beyond the veil is something that deeply communicates to my soul. After spending the past four years deeply immersed in my own shadow work around the womb, connecting with various teachers and elders on womb wisdom and more, I'm called to share my learnings and journey of reconnecting with the womb and feminine from through art, community work and service as we move into rapidly evolving times where much of our dense collective programming is shedding.

Right now I'm being guided to help others connect to their wombs and shed their internalised programming of shame, guilt and stigma around their menstrual cycle. I'm being guided to simply help others bridge back the connection between the heart and the womb through the art of returning back to cyclical and womb-positive living.

I create conversational and workshop spaces for individuals to connect with their wombs, their blood power, dissolve ancestral barriers between one another through celebrating our menstrual wisdom in my online group project BloodLove

This is my story. This is the art of my life.